EyeCOR By Nteon

EyeCOR Tele-Health

Tele-Health in your Practice For Reimbursement

With the current pandemic, most practices are closed. However, with the changes in Tele-Medicine, you can get reimbursement using Tele-Health codes.

The problem is much of the available information is incorrect. Inaccurate online webinars, articles and internet postings. We hear from doctors across the country confused about billing and many others being denied.

Since the first CMS changes in Tele-Health codes, we have been following all CMS information. CMS has changed the requirements multiple times in the last month. We continuously update EyeCOR with every CMS change.

With EyeCOR you always have the correct information. Not only do we provide the correct information in EyeCOR, we also send regular emails to our users, with tips and warnings about proper coding.

There is a comprehensive Tele-Health chart in EyeCOR showing proper coding for all the codes, with guidelines and warnings. Of course, always up to date! Plus we regularly email our users with additional information.

Our users contact us to thank us for the information and confirm since they followed EyeCOR’s guideline they are being reimbursed.