EyeCOR - Cloud Version Available



You spoke - we listened... Introducing EyeCOR in the Cloud!

EyeCOR has been redesigned from ground up - works on:
 - All Operating System Desktops and Laptops

 - All Tablets - iPad, Droid, etc



We take care of it all, now all you have to do is run EyeCOR.


System Requirements:

As a cloud based service, EyeCOR has minimal hardware requirements. Memory, processor speed, monitor size, and most importantly is the actual internet connection speed for your location. 

  • Windows, MAC OSX, or Linux

  • Java Version 6.0 or higher (recommended version is 7.11 or higher)

  • Memory - 512 Meg - (4 Gig Recommended)

  • Processor - 2.3 GHz (1.8 Ghz minimum)

  • Minimum 17" monitor

  • Internet speed of 2-Mb/s download and 0.7 Mb/s upload minimum - (1-Mb/s upload recommended)

To install EyeCOR on your computer Click Here


To run EyeCOR on your I-Pad or other tablet - through a web browser Click Here or bookmark http://www.eyecor.com/app


If needed you can verify your version of Java and download at www.java.com


To test your internet connection speed for free go to http://speedtest.net


Each time you launch EyeCOR you will need to enter a User Name and Password.  This was sent to you in your initial email.  If you forgot or want to change your password please call Customer Support at 888-866-5367.


To make this transition as easy as possible, we have chosen to keep screens as similar as the version you are now running.  If you would like an overview please call us and arrange a training.



EyeCOR is a registered Trademark of Nteon Software LLC