EyeCOR By Nteon

EyeCOR - Cloud

EyeCOR Cloud is the perfect solution for your practice

There are two ways to run EyeCOR Cloud

  1. First is through a web browser. This opion is best for a tablet or iPad and can be utilized through your desktop standard Web Browser.
  2. Second option is as a desktop shortcut running the application through JAVA
    • If you already have JAVA installed and configured you can download (install) the desktop link - CLICK HERE
    • If you do not have JAVA installed go to our Coding Support page for install directions

System Requirements

As a cloud based service, EyeCOR has minimal hardware requirements. Memory, processor speed, monitor size, and most importantly is the actual internet connection speed for your location
  • Operating system - Windows, MAC OSx, or Linux
  • JAVA version 6.0 or higher (recommended version 7.11 or higher)
  • Memory (512 meg (recommended 4 Gig)
  • Processor - 2.3 GHz (1.8 GHz minimum)
  • 17" monitor recommended
  • Internet speed of 1-Mb/s download and 5-Mb/s upload (10-Mb/s upload recommended)