EyeCOR - Cloud Version Available



You spoke - we listened... Introducing EyeCOR in the Cloud!

EyeCOR has been redesigned from ground up - works on:
 - All Operating System Desktops and Laptops

 - All Tablets - iPad, Droid, etc



We take care of it all, now all you have to do is run EyeCOR.


System Requirements:

As a cloud based service, EyeCOR has minimal hardware requirements. Memory, processor speed, monitor size, and most importantly is the actual internet connection speed for your location. 

  • Windows, MAC OSX, or Linux

  • Java Version 6.0 or higher (recommended version is 7.11 or higher)

  • Memory - 512 Meg - (4 Gig Recommended)

  • Processor - 2.3 GHz (1.8 Ghz minimum)

  • Minimum 17" monitor

  • Internet speed of 10-Mb/s download and 5 Mb/s upload minimum - (10-Mb/s upload recommended)

If JAVA has been installed and configured then you can download (install) the desktop link - Click Here

To install and configure Java then EyeCOR follow the directions on our support page Here


To run EyeCOR on your I-Pad or other tablet - through a web browser Click Here or bookmark http://www.eyecor.com/app


If needed you can verify your version of Java and download at www.java.com


To test your internet connection speed for free go to http://speedtest.net


Each time you launch EyeCOR you will need to enter a User Name and Password.  If you forgot or want to change your password please call Customer Support at 888-866-5367.



EyeCOR is a registered Trademark of Nteon Software LLC