Top Reasons You Are Losing Reimbursement!  How EyeCOR Will Help.
Your EHR System

Most doctors rely on their EHR system to show which procedures they can use for the patient's diagnosis.
Most EHR systems "Coding" is significantly out of date.  Compliant coding changes frequently!
Most EHR systems "Coding" is not Region specific.  Coding is different from region to region!
This results in:
Procedures you could have performed are missing from your EHR system.  If you don't know, you cannot bill.
You performing and billing for procedures not allowed in your region.  Waste of time and money.  Can trigger an audit!

Billing Not Keeping Up With The Latest Information
Many practices have been billing the same way for years.  Billing, coding and reimbursement are constantly changing. 
Typically, most billers do not have the resources to keep up.  EyeCOR also provides the billers with up to date information.

How Does EyeCOR Help?
EyeCOR shows all the procedures you can perform for the diagnosis - specific to your region.  Directly resulting in Increased Reimbursement!
EyeCOR is not an EHR system.  What we do is supplement your system, by providing the up to date and comprehensive coding information they do not. 
Look up a Diagnosis (a code, description, keyword or eye segment -  quick and easy). 
         Immediately EyeCOR will show all the procedures you can perform and be reimbursed for the patient's diagnosis. 
Look up a Procedure (a code, description, keyword or type).        
         Immediately EyeCOR will show all the diagnoses that support the procedure.
   All information is specific to your region.  All information is continuously updated.
Not just for the doctors; EyeCOR's information provides the billers with an accurate source of current information.  
With EyeCOR you will always have the most current and accurate Coding information!
There are many other features in EyeCOR.  Exam Advisor, Interpretation & Report, Ophthalmic Reference, Ophthalmic Drug Reference, just to name a few.

EyeCOR's Coding Assistance
We have a staff of coding experts.  If the doctor has any question. . . call.
If the billing person has a question or receives an EOB with a denial. . .  They can call. 
Our staff reviews the EOB and claim, determines why it was denied.  We will show your staff the correct billing method - avoiding future denials. 
We also show the correct method for resubmitting the claim.
We do not limit how frequently you call.  We do not charge EyeCOR users for this valuable service. 
No one else provides you with this service.  Not your vendor and not the payers!